Supply Chain Management

The best manufacturing partners excel at providing a robust supply chain competency.  That’s what we do here at Nortech, utilizing a global sourcing organization to continuously provide our clients the best price, the best service and no surprises with our vendor team.  We actively work with this network to maintain access to critical components and at competitive price points.

Nortech provides robust supply chain management services to support its clients’ quality and inventory requirements

At Nortech, our commitment to value doesn’t end on the production floor. It’s also in active supply chain management, ensuring continued services for your team:

Active Commodity Management: we work with multiple vendors to maintain access to best value components you’re looking for, including suppliers in North America, Asia and throughout the world.

Supplier Quality Management: we work with our vendors and customers to ensure quality standards are continuously met and inventory and stocking is optimized to meet timelines and requirements.

Risk Management: we frequently engage in obsolescence planning and work with our clients to ensure minimized risk to high-value products.

FOCUS: Nortech’s Continuous Improvement Program

FOCUS-Logo1-300x182FOCUS was started in 2007 as Nortech’s internal lean program, applying standard methodologies to help us drive out excess resources and deliver faster turns for our customers.  We utilize Six Sigma, kaizen events, A3 Problem Solving, and Integrated Value Stream Mapping as corporate best practices.

For customers with continuous production needs, Nortech collaborates with them to help identify and exercise cost reductions.