Nortech is a world-class partner with industry-leading solution engineering and production capabilities that enable your company to reach your specific digital objectives (IoT, IIoT, or Industry 4.0). Nortech utilizes early engagement and close collaboration with your team to identify the business case and to support the project justification as a part of the project management process. At the project start, Nortech experienced design personnel implement the latest technology to help your company realize the power of increased data visibility. We thrive on helping you find innovative solutions that position your company as a market leader.

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Nortech Enables Your Reach Into The Digital World

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We offer customers a unique blend of engineering design support, project management, vertical production capabilities and an ability to support digital product needs throughout the entire lifecycle, making us an ideal partner for your digital needs.

Connected Devices: Develop and launch new smart, connected products and monitor performance in real time, plus get unparalleled insights into your customers and how they use them.

Connected Machines: Engage with Nortech and implement the latest technologies to pull rich data from your production equipment. Real time data can be sent to the cloud or on-prem for further analysis and insights.

Our Work

Engineering & Design Services: our design engineers will help lead your digital needs from the drawing board to the production floor while beating your deadlines and your budget. They utilize the latest technologies to provide industry leading solutions.

Interconnect Solutions: Nortech has long been associated with mission critical cable assemblies for advanced applications, but we also provide wireless solutions. The seamless implementation of wired or wireless solutions allow you greater flexibility to choose the right solution for your application and feel confident in your decision.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs): we produce PCBAs for applications with low to high volume. We provide value by hitting on-time delivery, providing flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, and always delivering quality with the right cost.

Integration and Box Builds: advanced assemblies are core capabilities for Nortech. Our ability to combine various technical solutions into the final integrated design can mean a shorter, time to market for your company.