Nortech’s unique mobile application experience, especially for regulated medical device, can enable products with almost any form factor to access and transmit to server-based applications. We work with customers to design and validate these applications, including software security and risk management.

Nortech can help you design and validate a forward-thinking connected device for medical and professional applications today

Designing and producing a device that can communicate back to vendors and other parties can provide immense value. Every day there is a new example of how a connected device can do anything from reporting diagnostics to submitting active patient vitals. It is critical that OEMs find a design and production partner that has the knowledge and application experience to support IoT and other connected platforms. At Nortech, we can give our clients a turnkey solution to get their products into the cloud and data into the right people’s hands.

Design & Support for Medical-Grade Solutions

Unlike many other vendors, Devicix can design your platform specifically for regulated medical device applications, including risk mitigation strategies, human factors analysis and supporting documentation for regulatory body submissions.

Scalable Solutions

Using our mobile technology and designs, your project can move much faster to commercialization than a project that starts from scratch.  Additionally our vendor partners work with us directly so we can support all aspects of your rollout.

Designed for Real World Uses

Using our modular platform ensures you have a partner that can provide ongoing design, manufacturing, and post-market service options that provide value and peace of mind.


Nortech stands ready.


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