Machine Vision Technologies

Nortech’s Intercon 1 – a business unit specializing in machine vision technology – is the premier producer of camera cable and assemblies in the United States. Since 1978, Intercon 1 has led the camera cable market in serving machine vision customers by providing sophisticated engineering, specialized tools and methodologies to support ground breaking vision technology. By helping to develop critical commercial standards it has continued to be a conceptual leader within the industry.

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Nortech’s Intercon 1 unit has been the leader in machine vision technology for decades through innovation and dedication to superior customer service

logo_intercon_1Intercon 1 has established its positive reputation over the years, first with CameraLink products and continuing with GigE, USB 3.0, and other digital technologies.  Its ability to support unique application requirements and customer turnarounds sets it apart from its peers.

Custom Cables & Assemblies: we work with you to define your options and quickly build customized products as soon as two to three weeks.

Flex and Additional Requirements Testing: building for a high-flex and/or hostile environmental conditions?  We have the experience and equipment to help you design and pre-test solutions so you can build with confidence.