x/press Prototyping

Rapid PCBA Prototyping Services

At Nortech, we want to supercharge your development process today.

For printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), Nortech can help you speed your schedule today with turnkey service. That’s why we offer our x/press by Nortech™ Rapid Prototyping service, with standard quick-turns and a knowledgeable, energetic team that is committed to helping yours compress its schedule and deliver faster results.

How We Do It

Standardized Prototyping Process

Our team uses a “best-practices”, documented approach for your prototype, from first drawing to inspection.

Turnkey Speed

Don’t want to wait?  Let Nortech use its standing components and get your design turned around even faster.  You can also provide your own component inventories, too.

Simple Pricing

We’ll get you all the costing up-front.  We’ll even give you flexible credit card and P-card payment options so you don’t have to sit around for the accountants.

The x/press Process

1) Contact Us

Ready to start? Contact Nortech

2) 30 Minute x/press Review

Our x/press coordinator will set up a quick conference with you to review your project. We’ll determine together what steps we need to move forward and offer recommendations on how we can move even faster.

3) Provide Components & Final BOMs

We’ll work together on pulling the right components and layout; you can choose to use Nortech’s standing inventory or provide your own if needed.

4) Production

Once we have all the components and files on hand, we’re ready to go! We’ll use a mix of production-ready and prototype-only equipment depending on your needs.

5) Quality Check & Shipping

We’ll apply any quality check you’ve requested, and get the x/press items shipped to you within five business days*

*We aim to produce and ship PCBA projects within five business days provided receipt and possession of all required components, required supporting files for products, and payment arrangements.


Nortech stands ready.


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