Machine Vision and Optical Technologies

Machine vision and optical technologies are rapidly increasing in sophistication and deployment. From smart factories to surgical theatres, Nortech Systems is at the forefront of innovation in this field. Our customizable family of small form-factor hybrid Active Optical Cable assemblies, performing E-O/O-E within a single cable, are solving next-generation multi-function cable challenges now. 

Fiber optic technology is revolutionizing data transfer applications, significantly enhancing performance in countless applications across multiple industries. As the burgeoning field of optical communication grows, so will its applications, leading us into a new era of data transfer and networking.

Farm equipment spraying field automated sensor technology.

See the Future Now

Machine vision has undergone a significant evolution in recent years, thanks to new optical technologies like high-definition cameras and fiber optic cable development. This progression has allowed machine vision to become one of the leading-edge technologies in the robotics and artificial intelligence fields. 

The challenge with implementing these optical technologies is the increasing data, distance, and reliability requirements. Machine vision cameras have exploded in megapixel image resolution and an ever-growing increase in the number of frames per second captured. 

At Nortech Systems, we are already exceeding the next generation of data and power transmission requirements with solutions that can handle more data across longer distances with greater reliability in a simplified architecture.

Machine Vision

Machine vision is the technology and engineering discipline that applies optics, communication theory, and digital imaging to develop automated machine guidance and visual inspection systems. Machine vision captures and analyses visual information to detect, measure, and identify defects, errors, or deviations from standard patterns. Depending on the application requirements, machine vision systems use one or multiple high-resolution cameras, with each camera connected to a dedicated image processing board via a specialized cable.

The image processing board extracts relevant features from the raw image data and sends them to a machine controller for further analysis and decision-making. Machine vision technologies are constantly evolving and improving, making them essential for many commercial and industrial applications where quality control is paramount. As a result, machine vision applications play a vital role in ensuring that products meet the highest quality and safety standards.  

Machine vision also plays an increasingly important role in medical applications such as cancer detection and surgery. It is also being used more widely for security purposes, including facial recognition and license plate reading. As optical technologies continue to emerge, they will become even more essential for expanding applications across numerous industries. Thanks to their versatility and reliability, machine vision systems are poised to play a leading role in the continued advancement of industrial automation and medical care.

Operating room filled with the latest machine vision technology.

Design and manufacture custom cables and assemblies ready for complex, rugged applications capable of handling increased data and power delivery.

Splicing fiber optic cable on a splice tray.

Custom Cable and Assemblies

Utilizing the latest manufacturing processes with decades of hands-on experience, Nortech Systems designs, manufactures, and provides full lifecycle management support for all your customized cable and cable assembly needs. Our automated lay-up tables and planetary cabling machines, alongside our hand breakout, taping, braiding, and jacketing capabilities, can fulfill any custom bulk cable specifications. We also manufacture custom backshell designs for superior strain relief and field-repairable assemblies. Our cable assemblies are designed to provide dust and EMI protection as well as water immersion protection.

Molded cable assemblies are also an option with various molding production methods, including casted two-part, elastomer transfer, or injection molding. We also specialize in custom fiber optic, RF, and high-speed data and vision cable assemblies to meet a variety of MIL Standards or your detailed requirements. Our extensive inventory of existing mold tools and our in-house capability to design and build additional tooling and fixtures reduces project cost and lead time.

Flex and Additional Requirements Testing

Building for high-flex or hostile environmental conditions? We have the experience and equipment to help you design and pre-test solutions so you can build with confidence. Our tests are designed to simulate the most severe conditions, including excessive handling conditions and stresses, extreme heat and cold, salt spray, abrasion, water and chemical immersion, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Our testing capabilities cover the standard electrical, network, fiber optic, and mechanical tests, as well as rolling and torsional flex testing, to ensure functionality in the ever-expanding applications within IIoT networks. To ensure functionality in extreme environments, some of our testing capabilities include cable immersion testing to 1 meter, bubble testing to 60psi, hydroystrostatic underwater pressure testing to 1000 psi and thermal cycle testing (-94 F/-85 C  to 355 F/ 180 C) both with programmable cycling and thermal shock testing.

In whatever extreme operating conditions or regulatory environments your products must function in, our testing capabilities will ensure they meet and exceed your performance requirements.

Plastic cable chain encasing wires and cabling connected to machine vision technology.


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