Industrial Interconnect Solutions

We understand that integration is a significant challenge for interconnect solutions used in industrial applications, as these connections need to combine seamlessly with other components and systems, requiring a deep understanding of the entire system to ensure compatibility and reliable operation. We leverage our experience and expertise to ensure uninterrupted operation with other components and systems, resulting in optimized system performance, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

At Nortech, we work closely with our customers to develop customized interconnect solutions that address specific requirements such as extended length, custom marking, shielding, and connector types, while achieving cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise quality or performance.

Industrial Interconnect Capabilities


  • Usability Analysis
  • Applications Engineering
  • Electrical and Connectivity
  • EMI Prevention Strategies
  • Program Management


  • Wire preparation
  • Shielding
  • Molding
  • Connector installation (standard & custom)
  • Balun tuning
  • Supplier and Component Controls
  • ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485-2003

Customize Your Connection

Customization is essential to designing and manufacturing interconnect solutions for industrial applications, which often necessitate bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements. Partnering with an interconnect innovator and world-class global electronics manufacturing services provider is crucial to addressing those customization challenges.

At Nortech, we provide experienced engineering support to optimize designs, select materials, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Our groundbreaking technology, expertise, experience, and capabilities enable us to optimize your designs, reduce costs, and let you stay ahead of the competition.

Interconnect solution fiber optic cable cross section

Customize your connections for optimal system performance.

Interconnect solution coax cable examples

Contain Costs

Achieving a balance between material and labor costs while ensuring high performance and reliability presents a significant challenge for industrial applications. Nortech provides the necessary expertise to optimize designs, select cost-effective materials and components, and identify opportunities for cost savings. We possess extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, including wire preparation, component manufacturing, shielding, encapsulation, molding, termination connectors, complex assemblies, and tuning.

Moreover, we have experience in Designing for Manufacturability and Designing for Supply Chains, which enables us to proactively manage material availability and costs and ensure our clients receive the best value for their investment. We deliver optimized products that meet or exceed your expectations by identifying opportunities for streamlining production, reducing costs, and enhancing overall quality and performance.

Test and Validate

Partnering with an interconnect innovator ensures your wire and cable assemblies meet rigorous performance specifications and can operate reliably in industrial applications. We have the necessary equipment, facilities, and expertise to conduct testing and validation that meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. This includes testing for environmental factors such as temperature, abrasion, water and chemical immersion, and EMI. Furthermore, Nortech can also conduct electrical testing and simulate wear and tear or extensive use, ensuring that the wire and cable assemblies will withstand the intended operating conditions.

By partnering with Nortech, you can be confident that you will have access to the best testing environments available, ensuring continued quality and reliability with maximum yields.

Accelerate Commercialization

Accelerating the commercialization of medical device products requires a comprehensive approach, including deep expertise in design, development, testing, and project management to ensure that the product is functional, efficient, and meets the end user’s requirements.

Beginning with the end in mind, we leverage our extensive medical engineering and design expertise to simplify and accelerate the process while achieving time, cost, and quality goals. Our robust and flexible Quality Management System, with full component traceability, will also streamline the regulatory approval process. Frequent and complete communication from our customizable program management process, which works with any size company, will ensure that your production-ready product can launch into the market faster.

Case Studies

Respond Effectively to Forecast Fluctuations

Our client faced challenges with inaccurate demand forecasts and inefficient component build schedules due to constantly shifting production schedules. By partnering with Nortech’s account team, the root cause of the issue was traced back to outdated MRP software and established a process to safeguard against fluctuations, including a stocking program for inventory on-hand.

Engaging A Strategic Partner for a Clear Path to Success

Our team provided the solution to our client’s problem with managing multiple suppliers and design iterations. Nortech’s disciplined approach and flexible quality system created a clear and consistent path for device approval, eliminating unforeseen setbacks and minimizing gaps.

Strategic Solutions to Product Design and Launch

Through early engagement and leveraging our expertise, technology, and resources, we helped our client develop a detachable MRI table docking system. With our integrated team of engineers, daily progress updates, and data to streamline FDA approval, the technology designed and developed has been successfully implemented into healthcare facilities.

Removing In-house Resource Constraints

Are your projects being delayed because your engineering resources are over-allocated? Are inefficient design and testing leading to R&D cost overruns? Bring together your team with our in-house specialized resources to get everyone the answers they need on time and within budget.


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