Compliance & Links to Certificates

Processes and Procedures

All documentation is kept and upheld at a corporate, and plant level ensuring proper regulations of release, revision, distribution, changes, and retention.

Documentation for design and manufacturability informs our ability to make changes prior to the release of these documents. We ensure documentation exceeds applicable standards and specific customer requirements for design and parts we produce.

Production Control

We use Epicor ERP and our quality management systems to manage our business processes, define the build material, manage operations, and ensure traceability at the component and subassembly levels. All our facilities collect test and inspect results in real time. 

Our reports, both real time and historical are available. 

At Nortech we develop  our own work instructions for assembly based on our customers instructions for standardization and ease of our assembly line. 

Supplier Quality Management

At Nortech Systems Inc. we ensure a dependable and consistent supply chain management and operation by using supply chain management tools and systems established centrally and deployed globally. We work in many areas including on-time delivery, responsiveness, flexibility, process compliance, excess and obsolete avoidance, and cost optimization. 

Corrective and Preventive Action

The Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) is conducted at the application stage of all quality concern investigations at any of our facilities. Nortech’s techniques provide universal discernibility into issues being addressed at one facility location which can also be addressed at other locations, as necessary.

At Nortech Systems we implement corrective and preventive action using the standard 8D approach for all CAPA investigation and responses:

1. Plan prerequisites
2. Use a team
3. Define and describe the problem
4. Implement and verify interim actions
5. Determine, identify, and verify root causes and escape points
6. Choose and verify permanent corrections for problems
7. Implement and validate corrective actions
8. Take preventative measures to prevent recurrences


All Nortech facilities have industry certified trainers. At Nortech Systems Inc., we strive to produce quality products, services, and value-added solutions to meet or exceed customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements. We foster a skilled and responsible workforce by developing and delivering training at all levels of the organization. 

Skill development and competency is monitored through tests, hands on training and on the job demonstrations.