Customized Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Solutions

Underwater, Subsea and Marine Cable Assemblies

Specializing in custom cable assemblies for marine and submarine applications, strength and resilience are incorporated into every design. With options to include molded or other types of junctions, multiple legs, or simple straight umbilicals, designs are flexible and customized.

Aerospace & Defense Underwater

Nortech’s Aerospace & Defense Underwater, Subsea, and Marine Cable Assemblies aren’t just rugged—they’re the steadfast conduits you need for your most challenging applications. With materials like custom elastomers and specialized urethanes, combined with our innovative use of super absorbent polymers for pressure control, our assemblies withstand not just any environment, but are designed with your environment in mind. Whether it’s depths that will crush ordinary cables or pressures demanding uncompromising reliability, our systems are designed to outperform expectations. Our hydrostatic testing ensures that every inch of the cable is crafted to withstand the pressure, ensuring the integrity of your mission-critical systems.

The trick in extreme environments isn’t just survival; it’s thriving. Our Penetrators, Connectors, and Bulkheads don’t just deliver connectivity—they’re your team’s silent partners, ensuring your technology keeps working when the rest of the world can’t.

For Nortech, the mission remains unchanged: to empower engineers like you in the field of electronics and defense with the innovative tools that re-define the limits of possibility.

Nortech’s Cable Assemblies are built to last in the depths where ordinary cables falter. When you need a partner in pioneering technology, Nortech is there, step by step, customization by customization, ensuring that your operations don’t just go smoothly, they excel. It’s not just a cable; it’s an undercurrent of capability.

Bulkheads, Penetrators, Connectors

Nortech is ready to custom design and manufacture penetrators or connectors to your special requirements. Custom connector inserts with custom contacts are available using thermoplastics or elastomers. Nortech will incorporate off the shelf catalog or non-catalog connectors from any supplier into your assembly.


All types of elastomer materials , epoxies, urethanes available to withstand the special needs of molded pressure resistant cables. Cable blocking using super absorbent polymers (SAP’s) can be incorporated into custom bulk cable.

Hydrostatic Test Capability

  • Hydrostatic test capability (water) to 1000 psi with programmable pressure profiles.
  • Bulkhead penetrator (through wall) and hydrostatic immersion testing.

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