Customized Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Solutions

High Speed Data and Vision Cable Assemblies

Nortech excels in delivering high-speed data solutions, offering a comprehensive range of customizable and ready-made products. Our expertise lies in crafting durable and sealed assemblies, tailored to withstand even the most demanding environments.

Dive into the future of data transfer with Nortech’s High-Speed Data and Vision Cable Assemblies. Designed for innovators, engineers, and the defense industry, our Assemblies redefine reliability, speed, and adaptability. With cutting-edge USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections, our products are not just cables – they’re streamlined conveyors of your important, data-driven projects, virtually eliminating transfer bottlenecks.

What sets Nortech apart is our aptitude for tailoring each product to meet the unique challenges of demanding environments. Sealed and ruggedized to perform under extreme conditions, they guarantee that your project’s integrity is maintained without compromise.

Choose Nortech for your Gigabit Ethernet Cat 5e and 6a solutions and experience swift connectivity fit for the speed of your insight. Need something bespoke? With Nortech, a custom design is never out of reach. Our molded assemblies utilize the latest technologies to ensure that every connection is secured, regardless of the task at hand.

Ready to revolutionize your high-speed data management? Don’t wait for the future to catch up – get ahead with Nortech’s expertise and Intercon-1’s off-the-shelf convenience. Visit to witness our commitment to excellence in every assembly. The data-driven world is waiting.


Nortech produces a range of custom and off the shelf products for high speed data applications.

  • USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • Functional Test Available
  • Gigabit Ethernet Cat 5e and 6a
  • Custom Designs
  • Molded, Ruggedized, Sealed assemblies for your tough environmental requirements using any of our available molding systems.
  • Custom connector modifications
  • Off the shelf assemblies are available through

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