Customized Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Solutions

Mechanical and Harness Assemblies

Experience custom solutions for all mechanical and harness assembly needs. Extensive knowledge covers a wide range of shrinkable boot systems, all enhanced by cutting-edge adhesives and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Specialization in designing conduit systems, molded strain reliefs, and durable jackets offers an edge in efficiency and durability.

Nortech’s advanced Mechanical and Harness Assemblies revolutionize cable management for electronics and aerospace engineers. The system uses innovative shrinkable boots for precision and a neat cable arrangement. Its adhesive technology promises durability that meets top industry standards. Nortech’s Mechanical Backshells ensure seamless integration, whether for custom bulk cable assemblies or retrofit with catalog cables. The company’s capabilities also extend to large-scale projects, transforming perceived limitations into opportunities. Nortech’s Custom conduit systems provide robust protection against environmental elements using military-grade materials. These assemblies make complexity simple and offer innovative solutions in the electronics and aerospace industries.

Shrinkable Boots

Nortech works with shrinkable boot systems of all types and materials. Adhesives and manufacturing techniques are utilized to conform to manufacturers requirements for quality.

Mechanical Backshell

Nortech will work with catalog backshells and accessories from all manufacturers. We can provide custom bulk cable or use catalog cable.

Capabilites for Very Large Harnesses

Nortech has manufacturing space to to work with very large or long harnesses. Straight runs of 100 feet and more are available.

Conduit Systems

Custom designed and manufactured conduit systems are available using metal and plastic conduit. Conduit may be military specification or catalog items. Nortech can design accessory transitions or catalog parts may be used. Molded transitions and strain reliefs can be incorporated into a conduit system. Custom formulation conduit jackets are available.

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