Industrial Engineering and Design

At Nortech, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering and design services for the industrial electronics market. We are a single point of contact for the entire product lifecycle, from concept development and feasibility to production, serviceability, and disposal. Our team includes experts in CAD and mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, providing a complete range of services to support your project needs.

By collaborating with us early in the design process, we offer valuable insights that can enhance product performance and ensure that the final product meets the needs of your end users. Let us help you work through the complex  electronics production process, delivering solutions that drive operational efficiency and enhance the user experience.

Diverse team of engineers watching a meeting room monitor displaying a printed circuit board model.

Early Engagement Ensures Successful Manufacturability

In the industrial and commercial electronics production industry, early engagement of customers and engineers in the development and manufacturing process is a critical component of engineering and design. This approach facilitates efficient communication between customers and engineering teams, reduces time-to-market, and minimizes costly design errors. By providing valuable insights and expertise, this early engagement significantly enhances product design and performance, ensures that the end product meets end-user requirements and industry standards, and delivers value to customers. Moreover, this approach helps identify potential technical, logistical, and financial challenges upfront, allowing for the development of practical solutions.

As a manufacturing partner, Nortech Systems offers a streamlined approach by providing a single point of contact for all engineering and production requirements. Our engineers offer valuable guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that products are produced within budget and on schedule. By choosing Nortech Systems as your manufacturing partner, you can trust us to bring your design to life and achieve a successful product launch. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we can help you navigate the challenges of the engineering and manufacturing process to achieve a successful outcome.

Specialized Industrial Engineering and Design Services

Our specialized engineering services offer a comprehensive range of expertise to support project requirements. Our team comprises highly experienced and skilled CAD, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. We employ the latest technologies and design tools to ensure efficient and accurate product development from initial concept design through to production.

By leveraging our specialized engineering services, customers benefit from reduced development time, increased product performance and reliability, and improved cost-efficiency. Our engineers work closely with customers to ensure that their project requirements are met and that the end product meets industry standards and complies with regulations.

Count on us to deliver specialized engineering services that meet your project needs while exceeding your expectations.

Electronics engineer engaged in industrial engineering and design activities involving printed circuit board assembly and hardware.

Prevent costly design errors by identifying potential challenges, developing solutions early, and streamlining development and production with a single EMS partner.

Programmer's hands on keyboard coding software on multiple monitors.

Software Engineering

Partner with us to leverage our expertise in safety-critical software, IEC 62304 compliance, and firmware design. These capabilities are essential in industries such as medical devices and industrial automation, where software safety and compliance are critical.

By partnering with a provider who has expertise in these areas, customers benefit from improved product performance, enhanced safety, reliability, and reduced time-to-market.

Test Capabilities

  • Functional testing
  • Multi-facility equipment and process standardization
  • RF electrical length and phase tuning
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • Temperature cycling
  • Environmental sealing
  • Cable assembly flexture
  • High mating cycles
  • Optical performance
  • Custom IEC 62304 compliant testing and test deliverables
  • Test plans, test protocols, test cases, trace matrices
  • IEC 60601 certification process management
  • Design Validation Test [DVT] build
  • System verification test and reporting
Industrial flying probe testing of printed circuit boards.

Case Studies

Assessing Your Demand Forecasting

We worked with the customer to develop a new data-driven forecast model that proactively captured demand signals, neutralizing supply chain volatility, and allowed for a right-sized stocking program with weekly reporting for continued good communication.

Engaging A Strategic Partner for a Clear Path to Success

Our team provided the solution to our client’s problem with managing multiple suppliers and design iterations. Nortech’s disciplined approach and flexible quality system created a clear and consistent path for device approval, eliminating unforeseen setbacks and minimizing gaps.

Strategic Solutions to Product Design and Launch

Through early engagement and leveraging our expertise, technology, and resources, we helped our client develop a detachable MRI table docking system. With our integrated team of engineers, daily progress updates, and data to streamline FDA approval, the technology designed and developed has been successfully implemented into healthcare facilities.

Removing In-house Resource Constraints

Are your projects being delayed because your engineering resources are over-allocated? Are inefficient design and testing leading to R&D cost overruns? Bring together your team with our in-house specialized resources to get everyone the answers they need on time and within budget.


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