Aerospace & Defense Interconnect

Nortech Systems offers durable and reliable interconnect solutions, specially designed to thrive in the most demanding environments. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing teams pave the way to produce custom interconnect solutions that meet our customers’ unique, rigorous, and high-quality requirements. 

Custom Interconnect Solutions for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Molded Cable

Reliable, durable, efficient molded cable assemblies

Custom Bulk Cable

Customized, flexible bulk cable solutions

Flat Molded Cable

Supreme flex, slim design, rugged, and EMI-shielded

Underwater, Subsea and Marine Cables​

Engineered durability for extreme marine environments

Fiber Optic Cables

Superior fiber optics for unrivaled reliability and ruggedization

RF Cables 

Robust RF cable solutions for harsh environments

Data and Vision Cables

Customized high-speed transmission solutions

Mechanical and Harness Assemblies

Expertly crafted aerospace and electronic cable management

Terminations and Assemblies

Expert cable assembly and termination services

Backshells, Housings and Connectors

Precision-engineered custom connectivity solutions

Aerospace and Defense Interconnect

Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Capabilities

Fiber Optic Assemblies

  • MIL-STD-2042 trained
  • Military connectors
  • Commercial connectors
  • Single and multi-mode
  • Custom polishing
  • Test 100%

Mechanical Assemblies

  • Heat shrink assemblies
  • Coaxial assemblies
  • Mechanical backshells
  • Open wire harness

Higher Level Assemblies

  • ESD assembly area
  • PCB assembly
  • Custom machined parts
  • Custom markings 
  • Custom finishing 
  • Value-added kitting and shipping

Field Repairable Cables

  • Molded and repairable 
  • Custom-produced in-house backshells 
  • Connector replacement
  • High mating applications
  • Full immersion protection
  • Provide spare wires

Partner With Nortech Systems to Access Innovative and Success-Driven Solutions

Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Processes

  • Planetary cabling machines for lay-up of wires
  • Customizable braiding of metal and non-metallic materials 
  • Infrared heat shrinking of shrink-tubing jackets
  • Pneumatic installation of cable jackets
  • Automatic cutting and stripping of wires and coaxial cable
  • Soldering 
  • Crimping
  • Mechanical backshells
  • Automatic cutting and stripping of fiber
  • Cutting KEVLAR
  • Encapsulation of connectors, backshells and trasitions to provide strain relief and moisture sealing through
    • Automatic dispensing of polyurethane
    • Transfer molding of polychloroprene (Neoprone) and other elastomers
    • Injection molding of thermoplastics
  • Automatic cutting and stripping of wire and coaxial cable
Aerospace & Defense Interconnect Solution

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