Nortech provides dynamic solutions for a number of applications. Much of our unique ability to serve customer needs comes from an ability to provide a range of capabilities, ranging from concept engineering through sub-assembly and final assembly to post-market services. Throughout the process, we work with our global sourcing group to ensure you have access to competitive prices with minimal risks.

Click on the titles below to learn more about these capabilities and how Nortech provides this value to our customers today:

Engineering Services: at Nortech, our design and engineering services are world-class and ready to meet your dynamic application needs, including extensive design for manufacturability.

Interconnect Solutions: Nortech has been designing and manufacturing specialty wire, cable and harness products for over four decades with workmanship, quality and dedication.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies: At Nortech, we provide value to our customers throughout the entire PCBA production process, from design transfer to supply chain management and active risk avoidance.

Integration & Box Build Assemblies: we work with you to support your box build project from the first drawing to your total production and repair needs, drawing upon our sub-assembly capabilities throughout to provide a seamless single vendor option.

Testing, Repair & Post-Market Services: Nortech supports your product needs after they leave our manufacturing floor, including full service and repair options.

Supply Chain Management:  we provide robust supply chain management services to support client quality and inventory requirements, all while working under a strong, defined quality management system.

Medical Device Solutions: with our in-house design and engineering firm – Devicix – and our extensive production and aftermarket support services from Nortech, we can offer a unified solution for medical devices from concept to commercialization.