Supply Chain Management

By entrusting your supply chain management needs to Nortech, you are taking the first step towards optimizing your operations and achieving a higher level of success. Our solutions will help reduce costs and simplify the process, so you can focus on other areas of business development. We are proud to be part of your team and look forward to helping you reach new heights.

At Nortech, we believe that supply chain management is essential to gaining a competitive advantage in any business. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with end-to-end solutions that will improve their efficiency and reduce costs. We are committed to helping our customers find the best products for new developments while also maintaining high-quality standards in all aspects of effective supply chain management. In addition, we have established strong relationships with suppliers from around the world, ensuring product availability and a reliable source of materials. With our commitment to excellence and expertise in this field, you can trust us to deliver superior service every time.

Supply Chain Management
Robust Engagement, Careers

Robust Engagement

To achieve a collaborative partnership we have designed a partnership model to build on your strengths and achieve the business objectives. We’ve constructed an interaction model for each segment or cluster of suppliers.

Collaborative Information Sharing, Simple Pricing

Collaborative Information Sharing

Collaboration with suppliers is a high priority for Nortech. Leaders recognize that they must investigate all potential levers for creating value. As a result, we are actively pursuing collaboration across the supply chain.

Active Commodity Management, Turnkey Speed

Active Commodity Management

We work with multiple suppliers to maintain access to best value components you’re looking for, including suppliers in North America, Asia and throughout the world.

Supply Chain Management

Supplier Quality Management

We work with our suppliers and customers to ensure quality standards are continuously met and inventory and stocking is optimized to meet timelines and requirements.

Risk Management

Risk Management

We frequently engage in obsolescence planning and work with our clients to ensure minimized risk to high-value products.

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