Test, Repair, & Post Market
At Nortech, your products are supported throughout their life cycle. With our proven testing, repair and post-market capabilities, you can rest assured Nortech is there to assist you and your valued customers and keep your total cost of ownership low.

Nortech supports your dynamic product needs, from the manufacturing floor to full service options and repair

We offer a dynamic and customizable portfolio of services to give you and your customers peace of mind after that initial sale. With custom test design & planning, Nortech assures your initial product meets definitive specifications and is ready for the market. We even offer drop shipment and virtual inventory control so you can have shipments leave Nortech straight for the customer instead of having to tie into your warehouse.

If the product requires post-market services, we’ve got you covered there, too. We offer a full range of repair and refurbishment services that can either be standalone or tied in with ongoing manufacturing. We’ll even connect with your ERP resources so your team can focus on what they do best.

Test, Repair, & Post Market
Testing Design & Implementation

Testing Design & Implementation

Take advantage of Nortech’s experience and expertise in designing robust test fixtures and plans to ensure product effectiveness before it ever leaves the shop floor.

Supply Chain Management

Flexible Shipment Options

Nortech works with you to provide dynamic shipping options, including automated warehouse replenishment and direct drop-ship to your customers.

Test, Repair, & Post Market

Repair Depot Services

Nortech can provide you with a certified repair depot to help receive, diagnose, and fix sub-assemblies and finished goods. We can even coordinate within your internal systems for seamless coordination between your service personnel and our team.

Quick-Turn Prototype Services, Document & Design Control Systems

Refurbishment & Recycling Services

In addition to repair, we also offer certifiable refurbishment services to give you a new revenue stream. We also offer recycling services for safe and documented deposition of equipment.

Controlled Processes & Documentation, Solutions

Controlled Processes & Documentation

All of these processes follow stringent prescribed procedures and are compatible with numerous ISO and industry recommendations.

Nortech stands ready.

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