Quick-Turn PCBA Prototyping

At Nortech, we want to supercharge your development process.

For printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), Nortech can help you speed your schedule today with turnkey service. That’s why we offer our Quick-Turn Prototyping service, with standard quick-turns and a knowledgeable, energetic team that is committed to helping yours compress its schedule and deliver faster results.

PCB Assemblies, Rapid PCBA Prototyping

How We Do It

3D Printing, Standardized Prototyping Process

Standardized Prototyping Process

Our team uses a “best-practices”, documented approach for your prototype, from first drawing to inspection.

Active Commodity Management, Turnkey Speed

Turnkey Speed

Don’t want to wait? Let Nortech use its standing components and get your design turned around even faster. You can also provide your own component inventories, too.

Collaborative Information Sharing, Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

We’ll get you all the costing up-front. We’ll even give you flexible credit card and P-card payment options so you don’t have to sit around for the accountants.

The Value of Flying Head Probe Testing

The Value of Flying Head Probe Testing

Your Benefits:

  • Saves you time associated with continuity testing (shorts, opens, missing components, wrong value components, wrong polarities, etc.)
  • Your debug time is cut in half after flying probe testing is complete because it detects most manufacturing defects.
  • Easy changeover from one board revision to another while prototyping.
Robust Manufacturing Capabilities, Transfer to Production​, Manufacturing Services

Transfer to Production

Nortech can help you make the transition from prototyping to production easy. We incorporate Design For Manufacturability (DFM) tools like Mentor Graphics Valor Software to conduct:

  • BOM checks (quantity to reference designation, reference designation duplication)
  • BOM to layout checks (layout matches parts, parts will not collide with each other upon placement, part locations relative to PCB features)
  • Fabrication checks (Copper stubs, vias in pads, spacing violations)

We also use SiliconExpert to eliminate risk for each of the items referenced in your Bill of Materials:

  • Lifecycle (EOL) Information
  • Cross reference information
  • Supplier P/N & Name Validation
  • RoHS/REACH Data
  • Risk Analysis Information
  • Product Change Information

Nortech stands ready.

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