Need Consistency in your Conformal Coating Application? Automate It!

Our process is infinitely repeatable which leads to a more controlled coating thickness from board to
board and from batch to batch.

Video transcription:

Today’s smaller circuit boards require specialized equipment for the placement of components the size of a grain of sand. Nortech’s solution to this increasingly complex challenge is the Panasonic SMT with 3D optical inspection.

The Panasonic SMT has speeds ten times faster than previous placement technologies resulting in a 70,000 CPH. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures higher quality with in-line 3D optical inspection that minimizes missing components and poor solder joints. Additionally, offline setups eliminate time lost during change-overs and restocking.

Nortech is faster, better, more efficient, and now more specialized as we process the smallest surface mount components in today’s market.