Innovative Skin Cancer Scan Design and Engineering

Skin Cancer Screening Device_Marpe Case Study

Groundbreaking, AI-based Skin Cancer Screening

Our client, Marpé Technologies is renowned for their groundbreaking solutions in medical scanning. Since its establishment, Marpé has been dedicated to developing an AI-based full-body dermatology screening system. Granted the FDA breakthrough device designation, this innovative total body photography (TBP) system, is designed to meticulously map and screen moles, enabling early detection of malignant melanomas and other skin conditions.

Traditionally, the early detection of skin cancer requires in-person physical screening conducted by a trained dermatologist. However, this approach is time-consuming and necessitates the physical presence of a physician during the screening process. Consequently, many high-risk individuals are unable to undergo necessary examinations.

Marpé’s innovative skin cancer screening system revolutionizes this process by enabling remote screening of the entire body from an initial scan. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, this system offers computerized image analysis that accurately identifies, maps, and assesses high-risk skin anomalies. Dermatologists can then review these areas without the need for the patient’s physical presence.

With Marpé’s technology, individuals can receive comprehensive and timely skin cancer screenings, ensuring early detection and effective treatment.

Strategic Partnership to Launch Skin Cancer Scanner in US Market

Marpé Technology approached Nortech to establish a strategic partnership for introducing this scanner to the US market. Marpé utilized our phased design approach to streamline market launch and transition to a US-based supply chain. This process largely focused on re-engineering a significant portion of the original prototype design to reduce production costs and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Medical Device Engineering and Design Expertise

Nortech’s dedicated and skilled engineering team started from an early prototype and worked diligently to refine and enhance the design of the medical device. Their tireless efforts resulted in a highly cost-effective design that prioritized manufacturability and superior performance.

A significant focus of their efforts was the comprehensive redesign of the device’s frame. By reimagining the frame, Nortech engineers reduced material costs while creating a robust and sturdy structure that offered unparalleled durability and protection.

At Nortech, our design for manufacturability (DFM) process takes a proactive approach from the beginning. Our team simplifies the design, selects cost-effective materials, and maintains superior quality. By integrating our phased design approach and DFM, we expedite the redesign process while achieving a device that is easier and more cost-efficient to manufacture, without compromising quality and performance.

These methodologies play a crucial role in preparing Marpé’s comprehensive body screening device for its launch in the United States.

Supply Chain Management

A crucial part of Nortech’s strategic partnership with Marpé involved redefining its supply chain. Prior to our collaboration, Marpé had been primarily using Israeli-based suppliers. Our task was to facilitate their transition to a supply chain network within the US to support onshore manufacturing.

The objective of this transition was to reduce the logistical burden on the supply chain process. By leveraging suppliers based in the United States, we gained easier access to a diverse range of components necessary for maintaining a consistent manufacturing process. Consequently, this eliminated the need for complex and expensive long-distance shipping of the device. Additionally, having manufacturing operations in the US meant that Marpé would be in closer proximity to the customers they hope to serve. Although this transition necessitated a complete overhaul of nearly every aspect of the manufacturing supply chain, it was crucial for the overall success and viability of the product. Nortech collaborated closely with Marpé to bring this transition to fruition.

Leveraging our extensive network and industry experience, we connected Marpé with trusted suppliers with whom we had long-standing relationships. Our intricate understanding of the industry enabled us to effectively assess and select suppliers that would meet Marpé’s specific needs.

In instances where existing suppliers were inadequate or unavailable, we embarked on a diligent search to discover new suppliers. Through a rigorous vetting process, we were able to identify and establish relationships with suppliers that met our high standards of quality, reliability, and value, ensuring a robust and efficient supply chain for Marpé’s US production.

Through our comprehensive supply chain management solutions, we were able to create a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective production process in the US for Marpé, reinforcing their presence in the market and paving the way for their success.


Nortech and Marpe Technologies Partnership

Accelerated Time to Market

Our strategic partnership has accelerated Marpé’s time to market launch in the United States. Nortech’s phased design approach streamlined the redesign and reengineering process, thus significantly shortening the potential time to market.

Through meticulous cost analysis and design optimization, we were able to redesign the original device prototype to reduce production costs. The redesign of the frame not only increased the device’s durability and protection but also reduced material costs, contributing significantly to overall cost efficiency.

In terms of supply chain management, our expertise played a pivotal role in shifting Marpé’s operations from Israel to the U.S., a move essential for their market launch. We leveraged our extensive network of trusted suppliers within the U.S., reducing the logistical burden and eliminating expensive long-distance shipping costs. This strategic transition to onshore manufacturing not only created a smoother and more reliable production process but also placed Marpé in closer proximity to potential clients, thus rapidly facilitating their market penetration. As a result of these concerted efforts, Marpé has now firmly established the framework for a U.S. launch, thanks to improved cost efficiency and shortened time to market launch.

FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

While their innovative skin cancer screening system is not yet available on the market, it has already garnered considerable market acceptance. The groundbreaking blend of medical science and advanced technology offered by Marpé has sparked interest and enthusiasm among potential users and healthcare professionals.

In a recent landmark development, Marpé Technologies has been granted an FDA Breakthrough Device designation for their innovative skin cancer screening system. This significant achievement not only validates the groundbreaking nature of Marpé’s technology, but also accelerates the regulatory review and assessment process. Being recognized as a breakthrough device underscores the system’s potential to effectively address an unmet medical need – early and accurate detection of skin cancers. This distinction will undoubtedly bolster Marpé’s market standing, propelling them forward on their mission to revolutionize dermatological care.

Marpé has successfully undergone clinical tests to validate their system’s efficacy and reliability further. These tests represent a critical step in demonstrating the system’s capability to revolutionize skin cancer screening, which in turn, will continue to drive market acceptance.

Simultaneously, Marpé is laying the groundwork for integration into large hospital systems. This preparatory work is pivotal in facilitating a seamless transition when the system goes to market. Not only does it ensure the sufficient infrastructure and support required for successful deployment, but it also further solidifies Marpé’s presence and credibility in the healthcare sector.

The momentum generated by these initiatives is a testament to the value of our strategic partnership, affirming Nortech’s and Marpé’s continued success in launching into the US market.

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