Nortech REACH Policy

Nortech Systems’s Position on RoHS, REACH, Prop65, and Related Compliancy

Nortech Systems Inc., a Contract Manufacturer, does not have or manufacture its own products. Nortech manufactures cable, and circuit board assemblies per designs provided by its customers on contract basis. It is Nortech’s position that its customers define and own their product design, Bill of Material (BOM), and its associated Approved Manufacturer’s List (AML). And to that end Nortech feels its customers have total ownership and responsibility for identifying and specifying components on their BOM to meet compliance requirements by European Union or other regulatory agencies.

It is Nortech Systems’ policy to build customer products in full compliance with customer’s design and Bill of Material. Nortech System does not and will not deviate from Customer’s Bill of Material unless it has full approval and consent from its customers.

During the course of manufacturing Nortech uses substances, materials, and solvents that might fall under material compliance requirements. Most of these process related materials and solvents are washed or wiped off assemblies before they are packaged and shipped to our customers. Therefore reporting of these substances are not required.

There are some process-related materials, substances, and solvents that remain on assemblies after they are shipped that are defined by Nortech and not listed on the customer’s BOM (e.g. material such as solder, adhesive, etc.). Any items defined on the customer’s BOM are not considered Supplier Defined Consumables and a declaration will not be provided. Nortech Systems can provide a quote for the service to identify the Supplier Defined Consumables for the assemblies requested and determine their material compliance status. Please contact your Nortech Customer Service representative to request a quote for this service.

Additionally, Nortech can provide referrals and contacts to companies that offer RoHS, REACH, and other Material Compliance related services.

Please direct your questions and inquires to your Nortech Sales or Customer Service Representative.

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