Active Optical for Video Displays and Remote Patient Monitoring

Hybrid Cables Send Power and Data to Video Displays for Patient Monitoring

Active Optical Xtreme™ (AOX™) cables are hybrid power plus data fiber optic cables. This makes them ideal for use in medical settings, where the need to transmit both image or video data and power over a long distance is common.

Fiber optic, active optic cables offer a number of advantages over traditional copper cables for medical applications. First, they are less susceptible to EMI and RFI interference, which can be a major problem in hospital environments. Second, they are much more durable against chemical and harsh environmental damage. Third, they are much lighter and easier to install than copper cables, which can save time and money during installation. Other advantages include:

AOX In medical setting
  • Greater distance: AOX can transmit data over much longer distances than copper cables. This is important in medical settings when a display is located in a different room or even on a different floor than the source device.
  • Higher quality: AOX can transmit data with a higher level of quality than copper cables. This is important for applications where image or video quality is critical, such as in surgery or radiology.
  • More reliable: AOX is less susceptible to interference than copper cables. This makes them a more reliable choice for applications where uptime is critical, such as in emergency rooms or operating rooms.

AOX in Remote Patient Monitoring

One common application is to use them to transmit image or video data from a medical imaging device to a remote display. Active optical cables deliver high-quality data, quickly and efficiently. This can be useful in a variety of settings, such as operating rooms, radiology departments, and emergency rooms. For example, an AOC can be used to transmit live video from a surgical camera to a display in the operating room control room. This allows the surgeon and other operating room personnel to see the surgical procedure in real-time, even if they are not located in the same room as the surgical table.

Another common application for AOX in a medical setting is to transmit power to medical devices. This can be useful for devices located in remote locations, such as patient rooms or hallways. For example, an AOX can be used to transmit power to a patient monitor in a patient’s room. This eliminates the need to run a separate power cable to the device, which can save time and money during installation.

In the near future, we can expect to witness new surgical techniques and technologies utilizing active optical capabilities. In the progression towards micro-medicine, hospitals are increasing usage of robotic assistance for precision and accuracy. This allows surgeons to monitor operations through a camera system. Further equipping medical procedures with enhanced efficiencies by removing the component of human error. AOX connects robotic arms to monitors to power the medical industry further.  

Hybrid Active Optical Xtreme™ for Demanding Environments

Active Optical Xtreme (AOX™) Infographic Thumbnail

Additional Benefits of Using AOX for Remote Patient Monitoring Displays

  • Increased efficiency: AOX can help increase efficiency in the medical setting by reducing the number of cables installed. This can save time and money during installation and make the environment safer for patients and staff.
  • Improved image quality: AOX can help to improve the quality of images transmitted over long distances. This is because AOX is less susceptible to signal degradation than traditional copper cables.

Overall, AOX is a valuable tool for use in medical settings. They offer several advantages over traditional copper cables and can help improve patient safety, efficiency, and image quality.

Building from the benefits of fiber optic, Nortech system’s engineers have designed optimized active optical cables. Active Optical Xtreme™ (AOX™) cables are capable of long distances to transmit long reach-data with enhanced power delivery. With a bit error rate of 10-12 at 10Gps, our customer’s data is secure. AOX cables also offer better power delivery, and lower voltage drops, heightening the quality standards of AOC. It is crucial that providers place the end user as the most important consideration for a product. For medical devices and settings, the key factor is patient safety and recovery. With AOC cables, the results and advantages outweigh their traditional counterparts.