Active Optical Xtreme™ Cables in Rugged Environments

Active Optical Xtreme (AOX™) is the newest small form-factor platform in an expanding frontier of Active Optical Cable technologies. Active Optical Cabling is a hybrid design technique that employs optical fiber and integrated transmitters and receivers “between the connectors” to deliver the same electrical bandwidth as would be found in a far larger number of copper cables. Active Optical cable provides optimal value for machine vision and other intelligent sensing devices. AOX’s higher bandwidth, reduced weight and system footprint, extremely low data latency, and near immunity to electromagnetic interference will enable you to streamline system designs, shrink inventories, and reduce supply chain risk while increasing system performance, capability, and value.

Hybrid active optical technology employs copper wire and fiber optics to deliver an all-in-one solution, built into a single cable. AOC cable benefits include reduced weight, higher bandwidth, lower power consumption, lower connectivity loss, EMI/EMC immunity, highly ruggedized, superior data quality, and technology supporting environmental sustainability within ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance standards). The advantages of AOC make their copper predecessors appear outdated and unsophisticated.

AOX is a highly customizable platform that simplifies systems. With AOX, power delivery beyond 150 Watts is possible all while being customizable up to 50 meters and beyond. More than ever the need for fast, reliable data generated by powered devices in distant locations has become a product advantage if not a necessity. Active Optical Cables convert electrical signals into optical signals for data and video transmission, providing greater bandwidth and reach than copper cables while also being thinner, faster, lighter, and flexible. Designed to optimize power supply and data integrity at long distances, AOX utilizes small form factor connectors and ruggedized design principles to leverage the benefits of fiber optics across a very flexible and resilient spectrum of solutions.

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