Prototyping and Testing PCBAs for Use in Aerospace 


Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) are essential components of many aerospace systems. With current demand they are used to control and power a wide variety of equipment, from avionics systems to flight controls to landing gear. 

However, PCBAs for aerospace applications are subject to many stringent requirements. They must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibration, and radiation. They must also be able to meet strict safety standards, as they may be used in life-critical applications. 

At Nortech, we ensure high-quality products and services in the engineering and manufacturing industry that cater to our customers’ unique requirements. We are experienced in protecting our customer’s aircraft, military equipment, marine vessels, and satellites requiring complex designs, high reliability, stringent quality standards, regulatory compliance, and long product life cycles that can withstand extreme conditions. We analyze the assembly process to inspect even the minute details to avoid any source of electromagnetic interference and enable proper thermal management for the flawless operation of PCBs.

As a result, it is important to follow best practices when prototyping and testing PCBAs for aerospace applications. 

Designed with Safety in Mind

Here are some key considerations for quality design:

  • Use high-quality components. The quality of the components manufacturers use in a PCBA can have a big impact on its reliability and performance. It is important to use components specifically designed for use in aerospace applications.
  • Design the PCBA with safety in mind. Aerospace systems must meet strict standards. It is important to design the PCBA with regulations in mind and to use certified components for use in aerospace applications.
  • Prototype the PCBA thoroughly. It is important to prototype the PCBA thoroughly before it is put into production. This will help to identify any potential problems and to ensure the PCBA meets all of the requirements.
  • Test the PCBA thoroughly. Once the PCBA has been prototyped, it is important to test it thoroughly to ensure it is functioning properly and meets all the requirements. This testing should be done in a controlled environment, and it should include a variety of tests, such as functional testing, environmental testing, and safety testing.

By following these best practices, you can help to ensure your PCBAs for aerospace applications are reliable, safe, and meet all the requirements. 

Here are some additional tips for prototyping and testing PCBAs for aerospace applications:

  • Use a reputable PCBA manufacturer. A reputable PCBA manufacturer will have experience in manufacturing PCBAs for aerospace applications. They will be able to help you to design and prototype your PCBA, and they will be able to test your PCBA to ensure it meets all the requirements.
  • Use a quality assurance program. A quality assurance program will help to ensure your PCBA is manufactured to the highest standards. A quality assurance program should include a variety of steps, such as design review, component testing, and in-process inspection. 
  • Get third-party testing. In addition to testing your PCBA yourself, it is a good idea to get third-party testing. Third-party testing can help to ensure your PCBA meets all the requirements, and it can also help to identify any potential problems you may not have been aware of.

By following these best practices, you can help ensure your PCBAs for aerospace applications are reliable, safe, and meet all the requirements.

 At Nortech Systems, we cater to diverse customers ranging from industrial to medical. Our quick-turn prototype process is noteworthy as we take your data, and process it using our standard tools to produce a quality product within an optimal time frame and assist it to market quickly. To ensure top-notch designs and durability, we make use of our Valor tools and Silicon experts to carry out DFM and BOM health assessments, thereby addressing any issues upfront. You can count on us to deliver a lasting sound product. Nortech has expertise in design, capabilities in testing, and leadership experience to overcome fit, cost, performance, and reliability challenges.