Establishing Roots With Neighborhood Forest Partnership

Miller Kids Planting Trees

Helping Kids Plant Their Future​ This year Nortech partnered with Neighborhood Forest to plant 3000 trees. We are very happy to partner with an ecologically focused organization. Neighborhood Forest is leading the charge to offset carbon footprint by introducing thousands of children to the personal pleasure of growing trees and caring for the earth. Carbon […]

Design for Manufacturability Creates Success for Medical Device

Design for manufacturability, early engagement and medical device thumbnail

Questions to Consider: Are your complex electro-mechanical devices causing inefficiency and costing more money to manufacture? Or is communication and product lifecycle management causing delays in manufacturing? That is what a Nortech client was experiencing when they first brought their unique medical device to the table. Our client, a well-known surgical and medical device company, […]

How Does Flawed Demand Forecasting Lead to Supply Chain Volatility?

Nortech fulfillment solutions and demand forecasting for cable and wire assemblies

If you’re struggling with supply chain volatility, here are three critical questions to consider: Could volatility in your supply chain be traced to a flawed demand forecasting model? To what extent does stocking level accuracy impact your inventory costs?  How does your on-time delivery rate impact monthly revenue recognition? Companies who partner with a contract […]

Are Forecast Fluctuations Creating Havoc with Your Scheduled Deliveries?

With careful analysis of a long history of usage, plus forward-looking expectations of demand, the teams were able to set up a process to build components based on a reliable forecast AND to put processes in place to safeguard against fluctuations. These processes included a stocking program to keep inventory on-hand for swings in demand

Questions to Consider: If you’re struggling with unpredictable delivery schedules, here are three critical questions to consider: Are outdated just-in-time and just-in-case practices creating havoc for your on-time deliveries? What are the hidden costs as a result of demand forecast fluctuations? Is your MRP system up-to-date with suppliers’ shifting lead times? Our client, a leader […]

How Are Your Strategic Priorities Impacted by Labor Shortage and Supply Chain Delays?

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How have your strategic priorities been impacted by the global labor shortage and supply chain delays? Is your team allocating excessive resources on peripheral, non-strategic activities? Does your manufacturing partner provide expertise to solve critical business challenges? How have your strategic priorities been impacted by supply chain constraints?   Companies which partner with experienced, forward-thinking […]

What is the Impact of Inhouse Resource Constraints on Project Timelines?

Engineer maintains project timelines in tests of printed circuit board for medical device.

If your product development team is facing inhouse resource constraints and missing project timelines, here are three critical questions to ask: What are the projects that are being deferred or delayed because your engineering resources are over-allocated? Are inefficient design, prototyping and testing cycles leading to R&D cost overruns? Is your project at risk of […]

Strategic Solution to Product Design and Launch

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Mission Critical Questions What new products could be created through early engagement with a contract manufacturer that you don’t have the bandwidth to produce? How could your medical device safety standards be improved with more prototyping, testing, and implementation through a strategic partnership? Do you have the capacity to check incoming orders to verify qualified […]

Strategic Partnership to Solve Complex Balun Design Challenges

Nortech engineer working on balun tuning

3 Mission Critical Questions How much value is in your speed to issue resolution, and is your manufacturer partnering with you to solve complex design challenges? Are ineffective designs contributing to a loss of client partnerships and potential revenue? How much more efficiently could you improve your designs with end-to-end custom solutions? Our client, a […]

Engage A Strategic Partner with Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Services

Design manufacturing

Define a Clear Path to Medical Device Approval Are you using an effective speed to market strategy?  Are you reducing your transportation costs?  Are you working with an integrated manufacturer who is flexible? By engaging an engineering team with integrated manufacturing services during product design, the team’s sharp focus on design for manufacturability improves results […]