Innovative Medical Technology Keeping Patients Safe

Medical Technolog_Design and Engineering

Are accessory projects consuming your team’s bandwidth leading to inefficiency and higher development costs? Or is a standalone development project outside your team’s field of expertise causing delays to product launch? That is what a Nortech client was experiencing when developing a new system for patient monitoring in a hospital setting. 

Innovation For Medical Technology

Our client, a leading global medical technology company, was in the process of developing an innovative patient monitoring system. This state-of-the-art system allows medical professionals to monitor their patient’s vitals using compact wearable devices. By doing so, patients gain the freedom to move around the hospital ward instead of being confined to a bed due to larger, more invasive monitoring systems. Recognizing the need for an accessory to this system, our client approached us.

The purpose of this accessory was to notify medical staff when a patient’s vital signs approached a critical threshold that required immediate attention. This alarm box would utilize both audible and visual cues to alert the nurse’s stations of any critical changes in the patient’s condition. The client’s team primarily consisted of software specialists, with limited experience in hardware development. In-house development of this accessory would have required a substantial amount of team resources that our client was not able to spare. The added complexity and reduced efficiency would have led to substantial and costly setbacks, that would further delay time to market. They quickly realized the need for a strategic partner who could offer them a full-service solution to these issues.

Patient Monitoring System

Medical Technology Design and Engineering

  • Industrial design
  • Usability design
  • Architecture simplification
  • Mechanical and environmental ruggedization
  • Board design and layout
  • Prototype design and construction
  • Design for manufacturability, test, and cost
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Complete project management
  • Tooling and fixturing
  • Test development
  • Design verification
  • Qualification and acceptance test planning & test
  • Transfer to manufacturing

From Inception to Completion

Our client entrusted our team with the complete development of the wearable medical technology, allowing us to take this project full circle from inception to completion. We began with an initial concept and meticulously carried out each stage of our streamlined Phase Development Process. From detailed planning and innovative design development to rigorous test verification and efficient manufacturing, our dedicated team spearheaded every aspect of this project.

Our highly experienced team meticulously planned and executed all the necessary actions for the development and approval of medical devices. We ensured that every step was carefully carried out to deliver exceptional results in an efficient time frame that worked with our client. Throughout the entire journey, we maintained a strict commitment to regulatory compliance. These efforts ensured our client received an accessory that adhered to the highest standards of quality and safety for medical technology assembly. As a result, our team successfully developed and manufactured a complementary alarm box device that seamlessly integrated into their existing monitoring system.

Mitigate the Risks Associated With the Deployment of Medical Devices

In offloading the accessory development project to us, our client reaped substantial benefits. They were able to focus their resources on their core competencies, significantly accelerating the timeline of their primary patient monitoring system’s development. Our experience in new product development and efficiency in execution allowed us to deliver the accessory in record time, further aiding their rapid go-to-market strategy.

Moreover, our client was able to sidestep the complexities of logistics and manufacturing challenges that are associated with the deployment of medical technology. By leveraging our fully managed solution, they mitigated the risk and stress of handling these processes in-house, ultimately ensuring a seamless integration of the alarm box accessory into their patient monitoring system. This collaboration not only led to a successful project completion but also forged a robust partnership built on trust, efficiency, and shared success.

This remarkable collaboration not only demonstrated our ability to deliver exceptional results but also showcased our commitment to fostering long-lasting partnerships. We take pride in our role as a catalyst for innovation and look forward to embarking on future ventures that will shape the landscape of healthcare technology.

Leverage Our Full-Service Solutions ​

Are you facing similar challenges like our client? Do you find your team’s valuable resources diverted in the development if new medical technology; reducing efficiency, and increasing development costs? Or perhaps, a standalone project outside your expertise is causing undue delays and stress? Don’t let these issues set you back. Partner with us at Nortech to leverage our full-service solutions.

We can help you focus on your core competencies while we handle the complexities of medical device development, logistics, and manufacturing. Let us be your strategic partner, ensuring that your projects are completed with exceptional quality, within an efficient time frame, and compliant with the highest regulatory standards.

Breakthroughs are just around the corner for your products. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation together. Contact us today to start a conversation.