Establishing Roots With Neighborhood Forest Partnership

Helping Kids Plant Their Future​

This year Nortech partnered with Neighborhood Forest to plant 3000 trees. We are very happy to partner with an ecologically focused organization. Neighborhood Forest is leading the charge to offset carbon footprint by introducing thousands of children to the personal pleasure of growing trees and caring for the earth.

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, generated by human activities. Carbon dioxide and methane emissions are the primary driver of global climate change. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, most people would agree the world needs to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to Neighborhood Forest, the average American family creates an annual carbon footprint equivalent to what 75 trees sequester in their lifetime. Globally, the average carbon footprint for each human is approximately six tons.  Planting six trees per month is enough to balance out that six tons per year. Our donation of 3000 trees serves as an immediate and effective solution to fight climate change.

Miller Kids Planting Trees
Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has reached over 500,000 families, and planted over 130,000 trees through the hands of children in 48 states, plus Canada.

3 Reasons Trees Are Great for Our Environment​

1. Trees Clean Our Air

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous toxins. It is silent, sometimes invisible (in cities with more pollution the toxic air is visible) and gets into lungs through particulate matter. Trees filter pollution. The more trees in cities, close to highways and factories, the less air pollution is present in those areas.

2. Trees Give Home to Wildlife

One tree can provide habitation for countless species. A forest can provide habitat for many diverse species to thrive.

3. Trees Provide Cleaner Water

Trees store and filter more than half of the water supply in the U.S by removing pollutants and sediments from rainfall and then releasing water back into waterways and underground aquifers.

Neighborhood Forest Logo

Neighborhood Forest plants tens of thousands of trees every year through the hands of children. Since 2010, they have reached over 500,000 families and planted over 130,000 (mostly urban and residential) trees through the hands of children in 48 states across the US, plus Canada.

Despite the many challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, Nortech strives to do a lot more to be more sustainable. Climate change directly affects human health, which further places responsibility on companies like Nortech to contribute our time and effort into eco-friendly causes.
Innovation is one of Nortech’s core values and we believe to be innovative means to actively seek new ideas across all functions and encourage experimentation to foster the development of new sustainable technologies and continuous improvement for our customers. We expect Nortech’s innovative technologies to be progressively smarter, faster, lighter, less expensive overall, and dramatically cleaner and more sustainable.

In honor of Earth Week, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Neighborhood Forest Day, we are delighted to commit our efforts towards partnerships with people and organizations investing in the conservation of the ecosystem. Together we are stewarding a more sustainable future, preserving organisms and human health.

We are committed to creating a healthy, sustainable future for our business, stakeholders, and communities. Partner with Nortech, and Neighborhood Forest by respecting the earth and doing your part this Earth Week.