Machine Vision Applications Of Active Optical Xtreme

Machine vision is a technology that uses cameras, software algorithms, and other processing hardware to generate rapidly increasing amounts of video and still imagery for real-time analysis. Nortechs Active Optical Xtreme cable is the best way to keep up with the rapid changing vision systems. 

Vision systems are used in various industries, such as automotive, semiconductor, and electronics, to inspect products for quality and defects. Other common uses include remote collaboration, human safety, security, target identification, automated sorting, measurement, process optimization, and documentation.

Machine Vision example

Today, more applications require faster transmission rates with higher accuracy across longer distances. Machine vision and imaging applications are not only more diverse but are demanding more data, longer distances, excellent reliability, and simplified interconnect architecture (smaller, lighter, faster), all at a lower cost. Machine vision systems require high-speed data transfer with power and control to function efficiently in electrical environments. 

This rapid growth in edge computing demands long-reach data with power delivery – multiplying the need for video, data, and power optimization. Users now expect more information at their fingertips; thus, our communications infrastructure will have to be faster, and Nortech’s Active optical cables (AOC) offer the best way to solve this problem.

AOCs convert electrical signals into optical signals for fast data and video transmission, providing greater bandwidth while being thinner, lighter, and more flexible. These qualities make them perfect for intelligent sensing devices and vision applications where reliability and speed are key factors. AOC’s reduced weight and system footprint, extremely low data latency, and near immunity to electromagnetic interference allow you to streamline cable designs, shrink inventories, and reduce supply chain risk. 

AOCs focus on reliability for challenging environments, such as high duty & mating cycles, tether pull strength, torsional & rolling flex cycles, shock & vibration, and EMI/EMC, which are critical to maintaining a safe, secure, and robust interconnect system. AOCs include copper power and control lines designed to optimize power supply across distance, decrease voltage drop, and provide a very flexible and rugged cable. The embedded electronics are protected by tough and resilient connector and back shell arrangements.

Nortech’s technology portfolio delivers combined power and data transmission into a single cable for data-centric applications, including Vision, Sensing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Nortech’s innovations improve productivity and cost efficiency, simplify system architectures, and maximize our customers’ capability and value.

Nortech Systems’ Active Optical Xtreme (AOXTM) is the newest small form-factor hybrid solution in the family of Active Optical Cable assemblies. With a single, hybrid design, AOX has achieved installed lengths of 40 meters and greater. The fiber optics ability within these hybrid cables eliminates the cost and complexity of adding Hubs, Retimers, and Redrivers to your data. By incorporating fiber optics, AOX has decreased its overall copper content. Fiber requires far less energy to utilize throughout its lifecycle removing the mining processes associated with copper, and consuming less energy to mobilize installed copper solutions, while offering significantly increased performance. Nortech is very excited about these innovation opportunities and wants to help meet the global ESG trend challenges. Maintaining an environmentally sustainable supply chain is critical, and we want our customers to participate in this change.  

Active Opticle Xtreme Cable

Active Optical combines Power over Copper with Data over Fiber in a single cable assembly

• More Bandwidth, More Power, Longer Distances, Smarter Interconnect

• Significantly Reduces Crosstalk and EMI/EMC issues

• Multiple Connector Options and Industry Protocols

• Bandwidth: 10Gbit/s, evolving to more capacity

• High Power: 50V @ 3A = 150 Watts, evolving to 50V @ 5A = 250 Watts

• Longer Distances: 40m-100m depending on the application

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Active optical cables provide optimal value for machine vision and other intelligent sensing devices. Do more with less by reaching out to Nortech Systems today for more information on AOX applications for your organization.