Your World-Class Partner With Leading Engineering, Production, and Postmarket Services
Nortech understands electronics production is a complex and delicate process requiring the highest precision and expertise. Nortech offers a full range of services to address these demands, including design, engineering, prototyping, production, assembly, and more. By developing supplier partnerships we ensure that quality products are delivered on time. We are experts at managing projects and supply chains throughout the product lifecycle.


Nortech Systems is an ISO 9001-certified, multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing firm that delivers innovative design solutions and comprehensive product development services. Nortech is a full-service device and lifecycle management solutions provider.

End-to-End Solutions

Engineering and Design  Services

We are a single point of contact for the entire product lifecycle, from concept development and feasibility through to production, serviceability, and disposal. CAD and mechanical, electrical, and software engineering services are also available.

Through early engagement, we provide valuable insights into product design and performance, ensuring a product that meets the needs of your users.

Data and Power Delivery Solutions

Find solutions that provide optimal value for machine vision and other intelligent sensing devices.

Active optical’s higher bandwidth, reduced weight and system footprint, extremely low data latency, and near immunity to electromagnetic interference will enable you to streamline cable designs, shrink inventories, and reduce supply chain risk.

Vertical Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Take advantage of a sourcing strategy using dedicated facilities and seamless transitions between production stages. Flexibility during innovation and production provides a superior manufacturing experience while streamlining the supply chain reduces lead times and improves product quality.

Active commodity management and supplier partnerships also optimize risk, cost, and delivery metrics.

Global Manufacturing and Scalability

Our global manufacturing facilities maintain a consistent process across multiple locations for cost-effective production scalability when needed. We can mitigate risks associated with supplier disruptions or natural disasters by spreading production across multiple locations while maintaining product quality and consistency, making you better able to compete in the global marketplace.

Integrated Assemblies and Box Builds

We offer integrated assemblies and box builds for the electronics industrial and commercial markets. With numerous quality, regulatory, and compliance features, our DFM engineers work closely with our customers to ensure that their products are manufacturable and meet all industry standards.

We also offer unique testing capabilities for PCB subassemblies, including flying probe, in-circuit testing, and automated test platforms. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available.

Complex, Integrated Box Builds & Assemblies
Automated factory equipment soldering and assembling chip components.

PCB Assemblies

The PCB assembly process needs to ensure the quickest time to production while meeting a stringent set of requirements for quality and cost.

PCB layout, DFM analysis, and DFT analysis are critical for establishing these assemblies’ proper function and reliability. At the same time, low volume/high mix production environments require PCB assembly solutions that are flexible and scalable.

We provide these services with the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and still deliver on-time quality at the right cost.

Commitment to Your Success

We aim to make it easy for you to help bring innovative products to market quickly and safely, while overdelivering for your time and budget.


Robust and flexible quality management systems ensure our products and services meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations. Choose a supplier conversant with PCBA prototyping and manufacturing processes to guarantee a perfect product ready for implementation.

We are ISO 9001 certified and have a proven track record of delivering superior products and services.

Project Management

Supply chain visibility and effective project management are also crucial to handling today’s most common challenges in the electronics industrial and commercial products market.

Inventory and Enhanced Shipping Management

We coordinate with customers offering as many options as possible. Enhanced shipping management is also available with drop-shipping and automatic replenishment capabilities.