Lifecycle Management

A strategic approach to coordinating communication and resources between concept and design, product launch, inventory planning, postmarket support, and product closeout. We also offer a full range of testing, repair, refurbishment, and postmarket services.

Lifecycle management is essential to research, engineering, and new product development, as it brings program planning, manufacturing, maintenance capabilities, and services together in a unified view. At Nortech, this holistic approach enables engineering teams to ensure that research happens in the context of customer needs and feedback while also producing products with greater efficiency while managing cost, constraints, and customer expectations.

Lifecycle Management Phases Wheel

Bring It All Together with Proven Expertise, Innovation, Value, and Flexibility

Improve communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Obtain greater efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing, and reduce costs. Be responsive to changes in customer demand or market conditions.

Our lifecycle management services will evaluate the challenges and opportunities to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and optimize costs from product conception through obsolescence.

Through our process, we will track progress and manage changes to ensure that product is developed on time and within budget, employ consumption data and customer feedback to make product improvements and create an accurate demand plan, and take into consideration sunset strategies for managing inventory levels. At obsolescence, we can manage product closeout activities such as recycling or dispositioning components.

Engineering and Design Services

Our engineering and design teams play an integral role in product lifecycle management, starting with generating insights into market and user needs, followed by concept development leading to design feasibility assessments. These research-driven insights inform decisions throughout the lifecycle – from operations to supply chain management through production, serviceability, and disposal.

We work to ensure a quick and successful product deployment in the market through early engagement and a continuing presence throughout the various project stages.

Over the shoulder shot of design engineer working with CAD software on desktop computer, Screen shows medical device manufacturing technical drafts and drawings.
Project management team updating planning schedule with Gantt chart open on computer.

Program Management

Our program management team delivers consistent results by breaking down each project into five coordinated phases. We ensure everything stays on track while offering customized program management.

We define the clinical/marketing input, design feasibility, and user needs and create a project plan outlining customer requirements. A Design History File is initiated with design deliverables followed by test verification and optimization. Validation and launch is the final phase, including a production build for clinical trials if needed and the release of all design, material, and regulatory documentation. Work with us to develop your products quickly and cost-effectively.

Building a plan for the beginning, middle, and end. Improving the quality of products, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Combining Design for Manufacturability and Quick-Turn Prototyping

Using DFM principles ensures that every design aspect is optimized for cost-effectiveness and quality. It also takes into consideration assembly, testing, and serviceability requirements along the entire product lifecycle. 

Incorporating quick-turn prototyping can rapidly prove the efficacy of any DFM recommendations, thereby eliminating design flaws before entering production and guaranteeing accessibility during testing and postmarket services. By applying these techniques and services, we work with you to develop and launch your product vision in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.

A PCBA being tested during the engineering and design phase of development.
Modern automatic robot soldering during the manufacturing of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)

Manufacturing Services

Nortech is a full-service electromechanical manufacturing services (EMS) provider of complex interconnect solutions. We are global experts in high-mix manufacturing, signal integrity, IoT and emerging technologies, speed-to-market strategies, prototyping, printed circuit board assemblies, higher-level assemblies, box builds, and so much more for a wide range of industries and applications.

We deliver high-quality, high-performance manufacturing using our innovation and global expertise to find solutions to your most important challenges. Our ability to combine wire/cable, PCBA, and numerous value-added manufacturing services in an integrated facility can mean a shorter, more secure production process for you.

Test, Repair, and Postmarket Support

We understand the importance of postmarket support to the safety and reliability of your products. We offer a dynamic and customizable portfolio of services to give you and your customers peace of mind after that initial sale. With custom test design and planning, Nortech assures your initial product meets definitive specifications and is ready for the market. We even offer drop shipment and virtual inventory control so you can have shipments leave Nortech straight for the customer instead of having to tie into your warehouse.

If the product requires postmarket services, we offer a full range of repair and refurbishment services that can be standalone or tied in with ongoing manufacturing. Additionally, we provide value-added services, including product certification and compliance testing, environmental testing, and warranty support.

Technician testing electromechanical components


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