What is the Impact of Inhouse Resource Constraints on Project Timelines?

Engineer maintains project timelines in tests of printed circuit board for medical device.

If your product development team is facing inhouse resource constraints and missing project timelines, here are three critical questions to ask: What are the projects that are being deferred or delayed because your engineering resources are over-allocated? Are inefficient design, prototyping and testing cycles leading to R&D cost overruns? Is your project at risk of […]

Strategic Solution to Product Design and Launch

Mission Critical Questions What new products could be created through early engagement with a contract manufacturer that you don’t have the bandwidth to produce? How could your medical device safety standards be improved with more prototyping, testing, and implementation through a strategic partnership? Do you have the capacity to check incoming orders to verify qualified […]

The Future is Self-Aware Multi-Function Cables

Future is Self-Aware Multi-Function Cables

Join us at the Vision Show to Learn More Nortech Applications Engineer Jerome Taylor will be speaking at The Vision Show on the future of smart multi-function cables.  See us at the conference and at Booth #311. A paradigm shift is occurring across the electronics industry where vision and sensor systems are rapidly advancing in […]

Strategic Partnership to Solve Complex Balun Design Challenges

Nortech engineer working on balun tuning

3 Mission Critical Questions How much value is in your speed to issue resolution, and is your manufacturer partnering with you to solve complex design challenges? Are ineffective designs contributing to a loss of client partnerships and potential revenue? How much more efficiently could you improve your designs with end-to-end custom solutions? Our client, a […]

Cable Harness Assembly Design Considerations

closeup of a portion of a cable harness assembly

A cable harness assembly is typically a configuration of electrical cables or wires protected by a molding or environmental-proof backshell. Used to transmit power and signals, these harnesses can range from simple commercial applications to multi-legged assemblies with complex breakouts and junctions like those used more often for defense, medical, or industrial applications. First Name(Required) […]

A Guide to Solving Common PCBA Prototyping Issues

Electronics manufacturing worker soldering a component to complete a PCBA prototyping job

Whether you are designing life-saving devices or industrial equipment, PCBAs are a necessary component. PCBA designs are becoming increasingly complex yet required to fit in smaller and smaller spaces.  You may also be tasked with redesigning layouts due to obsolescence or the unavailability of existing components as a result of global supply chain issues. Regardless […]

USB-C Active Optical Data Cables with Enhanced Power Delivery

Nortech Systems AOX Active Optical Cable

As technology advances and the proliferation of data-centric applications such as machine vision, factory automation, and robotics increases, the need for fast, reliable data generated by powered devices in distant locations has become a necessity more than ever before. Unlike copper cables, limited by their conductivity and only able to carry a certain amount of […]

How Does Flawed Demand Forecasting Lead to Supply Chain Volatility?

Nortech fulfillment solutions and demand forecasting for cable and wire assemblies

If you’re struggling with supply chain volatility, here are three critical questions to consider: Could volatility in your supply chain be traced to a flawed demand forecasting model? To what extent does stocking level accuracy impact your inventory costs?  How does your on-time delivery rate impact monthly revenue recognition? Companies who partner with a contract […]

Overcoming Medical Device Manufacturing Blind Spot Critical to Achieving Speed to Market

manufacturability written on the keyboard button

Design for Medical Device Manufacturing Three mission-critical questions for medical device manufacturing: How much value is in speed to market? Are you losing critical development time on designs that must be revised in order to be manufactured at scale? Are inefficient design, prototyping and testing cycles leading to R&D cost overruns? Companies who engage an […]