Benefits of a Design for Supply Chain Methodology

Nortech supply chain management collaboration

If you have been involved in manufacturing anything in recent history, you have been there – you have customer orders waiting, your lines are down, and you are just learning now that your components won’t be available for weeks, or even months, because of supply chain issues. That low-cost custom part could now hold up […]

How Are Your Strategic Priorities Impacted by Labor Shortage and Supply Chain Delays?

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How have your strategic priorities been impacted by the global labor shortage and supply chain delays? Is your team allocating excessive resources on peripheral, non-strategic activities? Does your manufacturing partner provide expertise to solve critical business challenges? How have your strategic priorities been impacted by supply chain constraints?   Companies which partner with experienced, forward-thinking […]

What is the Impact of Inhouse Resource Constraints on Project Timelines?

Engineer maintains project timelines in tests of printed circuit board for medical device.

If your product development team is facing inhouse resource constraints and missing project timelines, here are three critical questions to ask: What are the projects that are being deferred or delayed because your engineering resources are over-allocated? Are inefficient design, prototyping and testing cycles leading to R&D cost overruns? Is your project at risk of […]

Multi-Function Cable Application Trends

Robotic round eyeball with a multi-function cable attached, displayed on a white surface socket

Vision and sensor systems are rapidly requiring better, more reliable data transmission, and more of it across longer distances at faster speeds. The manufacturing trends towards smart factories, increased use of robotics, and more and more machine vision applications within those industries are driving this demand. Current commodity cables fall short of keeping up with […]

Strategic Solution to Medical Device Product Design and Launch

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Mission Critical Questions What new medical device product designs could you complete through early engagement with a contract manufacturer? How could your medical device produce designs be improved with more prototyping, testing, and implementation through a strategic partnership? Do you have the capacity to check incoming orders to verify qualified product? Does your current supplier […]

Supply Chain Risk Management Best Practices

Tired technician sitting at does wondering how supply chain risk management best practices could help his situation

When You Can’t Support Your Customers You may not be the doctor telling the patient that their medical tests and procedures have to be delayed because there aren’t enough supplies on hand. You may not be the operations officer watching your AOG (aircraft on the ground) hours rising out of control, leaving your troops immobilized […]

The Future is Self-Aware Multi-Function Cables

Future is Self-Aware Multi-Function Cables

Join us at the Vision Show to Learn More Nortech Applications Engineer Jerome Taylor will be speaking at The Vision Show on the future of smart multi-function cables.  See us at the conference and at Booth #311. A paradigm shift is occurring across the electronics industry where vision and sensor systems are rapidly advancing in […]

Program Management Is Key to Your Successful Product Launch

One of the key strategies to a successful on time and on budget product introduction is to partner with a firm that offers high-value program management services. As you evaluate possible partners, consider the project management methodology as well as the frequency and completeness of the communication with your team. Nortech’s program management team focuses […]

Strategic Partnership to Solve Complex Balun Design Challenges

Nortech engineer working on balun tuning

3 Mission Critical Questions How much value is in your speed to issue resolution, and is your manufacturer partnering with you to solve complex design challenges? Are ineffective designs contributing to a loss of client partnerships and potential revenue? How much more efficiently could you improve your designs with end-to-end custom solutions? Our client, a […]