Mitigating Risks With White Room and Clean Room Facilities

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In the world of electronics manufacturing, both white rooms and clean rooms play crucial roles, serving different purposes and following distinct standards. A white room is primarily designed to control factors like temperature, humidity, and dust. These environmental controls ensure the protection of sensitive electronic components during assembly and reworking processes. Clean rooms take it […]

Telehealth, Remote Care and Hospital-at-Home Increase Demand for IoT Devices

Healthcare delivery worldwide has been transformed with digital connectivity advances as new implementations such as telehealth, remote care and hospital-at-home models gain substantial traction. These care delivery models provide specialized medical care from the comfort of patients’ homes, effectively simulating the hospital or clinic environment. With many healthcare systems strained to their limits, telehealth, remote […]

Innovative Skin Cancer Scan Design and Engineering

Skin Cancer Screening Device_Marpe Case Study

Groundbreaking, AI-based Skin Cancer Screening Our client, Marpé Technologies is renowned for their groundbreaking solutions in medical scanning. Since its establishment, Marpé has been dedicated to developing an AI-based full-body dermatology screening system. Granted the FDA breakthrough device designation, this innovative total body photography (TBP) system, is designed to meticulously map and screen moles, enabling early detection of […]

How to Evaluate Strategies for Effective Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain solutions management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the resources required to move goods and services from suppliers to customers. It is essential for any business to work toward serving customers successfully through implementing strategies for effective supply chain solutions.  Demand for labor and component parts impact Nortech’s customers and therefore […]

Best Practices for Prototyping and Testing PCB Boards for Medical Use

PCBA Testing for medical devices.

Medical professionals rely on state-of-the-art technology including PCB boards designed specifically for medical devices. Medical devices are designed to offer precision, reduced weight, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Given the critical nature of medical procedures, it is imperative that all healthcare equipment be rugged and durable, and able to withstand the environmental demands of a busy healthcare […]

Optimize Your Supply Chain Fulfillment Plan: A Guide

Fulfillment Solutions

Managing inventory and optimizing supply fulfillment can take a lot of planning and effort. Effective demand planning is a cornerstone of successful manufacturing operations. A well-established fulfillment plan ensures a company produces the right quantity of products, at the right time, while minimizing excess inventory and costs. Strategic demand planning takes this concept a step […]

Active Optical for Video Displays and Remote Patient Monitoring

AOX In medical setting

Hybrid Cables Send Power and Data to Video Displays for Patient Monitoring Active Optical Xtreme™ (AOX™) cables are hybrid power plus data fiber optic cables. This makes them ideal for use in medical settings, where the need to transmit both image or video data and power over a long distance is common. Fiber optic, active optic […]

Future Of Digital Connectivity in Medical Devices

Digital_Connectivity_Medical Devices

The future of digital connectivity in medical devices is bright. Connected devices are already having a major impact on healthcare, and this trend is only going to continue in the years to come. There are many benefits to connecting medical devices. For one, it allows for real-time monitoring of patient’s health conditions, enabling doctors to […]

Prototyping and Testing PCBAs for Use in Aerospace 


Printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) are essential components of many aerospace systems. With current demand they are used to control and power a wide variety of equipment, from avionics systems to flight controls to landing gear.  However, PCBAs for aerospace applications are subject to many stringent requirements. They must be able to withstand harsh environmental […]