A Guide to Solving Common PCBA Prototyping Issues

Electronics manufacturing worker soldering a component to complete a PCBA prototyping job

Whether you are designing life-saving devices or industrial equipment, PCBAs are a necessary component. PCBA designs are becoming increasingly complex yet required to fit in smaller and smaller spaces.  You may also be tasked with redesigning layouts due to obsolescence or the unavailability of existing components as a result of global supply chain issues. Regardless […]

Intercon 1 by Nortech Enters Agreement with Northwire

Company to Manufacture Northwire’s Machine Vision Cable Assemblies MINNEAPOLIS – Nortech Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: NSYS), a leading provider of full-service electronics manufacturing services (EMS), announced that Intercon 1 will take over manufacturing of discontinued machine vision cable assemblies for Northwire, Inc., of Osceola, Wis. “We’re pleased to expand our customer base by offering Northwire customers […]