Telehealth, Remote Care and Hospital-at-Home Increase Demand for IoT Devices

Telehealth Demand for IoT Devices

Healthcare delivery worldwide has been transformed with digital connectivity advances as new implementations such as telehealth, remote care and hospital-at-home models gain substantial traction. These care delivery models provide specialized medical care from the comfort of patients’ homes, effectively simulating the hospital or clinic environment. With many healthcare systems strained to their limits, telehealth, remote […]

Innovative Skin Cancer Scan Design and Engineering

Skin Cancer Screening Device_Marpe Case Study

Groundbreaking, AI-Based Skin Cancer Screening Our client, Marpé Technologies is renowned for their groundbreaking solutions in medical scanning. Since its establishment, Marpé has been dedicated to developing an AI-based full-body dermatology screening system. Granted the FDA breakthrough device designation, this innovative total body photography (TBP) system, is designed to meticulously map and screen moles, enabling early detection of […]

Enabling Data Management Through Smart Cables

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations of all types find themselves immersed in an unprecedented amount of data generation and collection. The possibilities for leveraging data are virtually limitless, making data management and utilization the next frontier in value creation, efficiencies, and innovation. Yet navigating the challenges of data management remains a daunting effort. […]

IIoT Cellular Technology

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of internet-connected devices, systems, and services to collect and analyze data. This data leads to useful insights that are necessary to improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making in industrial settings. With the continued rise of IIoT systems, the integration of cellular networks has become progressively more commonplace. […]

Future Of Digital Connectivity in Medical Devices

Digital_Connectivity_Medical Devices

The future of digital connectivity in medical devices is bright. Connected devices are already having a major impact on healthcare, and this trend is only going to continue in the years to come. There are many benefits to connecting medical devices. For one, it allows for real-time monitoring of patient’s health conditions, enabling doctors to […]

AI: The Next Evolution of the Information Age in Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing

AI: The Next Evolution of the Information Age in Manufacturing Billions of IIoT devices are spewing out data every day, yet the vast majority of information goes unused. Similar to planting crops but failing to reap them, many existing cables are unable to process all the IoT data, impeding our ability to compile and use […]

Digital Transformation and ESG

Nortech digital transformation

Digital Transformation Essential to Deliver on ESG Targets and Improved Financial Performance Nortech board member Ryan McManus recently published a thought leadership article in DialogueReview highlighting the foundational relationship between digital data management and meaningful Environmental, Social, Governance [ESG] initiatives. With input from Nortech CEO Jay Miller, McManus lays out the case to integrate digital […]

Future of Cybersecurity and Medical Devices: Keeping Patients Safe in a Connected World

Medical device for surgical treatment of heart rate problems

With the increasing use of technology in healthcare, medical devices are becoming more connected than ever. From pacemakers to insulin pumps and heart-lung machines to portable MRIs, these devices are essential for the health and well-being of millions of patients. However, as the number of connected medical devices grows, so do the potential security vulnerabilities. […]

Multi-Function Cable Application Trends

Robotic round eyeball with a multi-function cable attached, displayed on a white surface socket

Vision and sensor systems are rapidly requiring better, more reliable data transmission, and more of it across longer distances at faster speeds. The manufacturing trends towards smart factories, increased use of robotics, and more and more machine vision applications within those industries are driving this demand. Current commodity cables fall short of keeping up with […]