Benefits Of Asset Management with Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

In a world where agility and efficiency drive the market, cloud asset management emerges as a fundamental catalyst for success across industry segments such as medical, industrial, aerospace and defense. At Nortech, we understand asset management and cloud connectivity. Streamlined operations, cost-effectiveness, and data security are no longer luxuries – they are requisites for staying […]

Streamlining the Factory Floor: How Generative Data Analytics Boost Efficiency in Electronics Manufacturing

Generative Data & Manufacturing

The world of electronics manufacturing is a constant race against time and cost. As other industries experiment with AI capabilities, manufacturers also attempt to stay ahead of the digital age curve. Maintaining efficiency is crucial for success with ever-evolving technology and complex production lines. Thankfully, innovative solutions like generative data and advanced analytics are emerging […]

The Future of Advanced Manufacturing: Utilizing DDMI in Manufacturing Environments

aAdvanced Manufacturing through DDMI

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, front-line manufacturing workers will benefit from digital tools to streamline their operations which create an advanced manufacturing environment, furthering the elevation of production and performance to new heights. The Digital Diagnostics Maintenance Interface is a paradigm shift in performance optimization. By supplying real-time monitoring capabilities and proactive maintenance alerts, this […]

Medical IoT Devices and How to Overcome Connectivity Hurdles

Medical IoT Devices_Connectivity

One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the increasing integration of connected medical devices into healthcare. The use of connected medical devices has drastically increased in healthcare facilities globally and allows for more efficient and accurate data collection, remote patient monitoring, and improved patient outcomes. These devices, which are equipped with […]

Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintanence in manufacturing

In recent years, the capabilities of manufacturers have undergone significant changes. Continuous advancements have led to a complex integration of physical and digital systems. This industry trend is commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. Furthermore, this transformation is driven by companies seeking to minimize waste and enhance the efficiency of […]

Ruggedization of Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Cables

Ruggedized Expanded Beam Fiber optic.

Nortech Systems recently announced an expansion of its fiber optic capabilities with the launch of Expanded Beam XtremeTM (EBXTM), a ruggedized and highly customizable platform of fiber optic solutions. Expanded beam fiber optic connectors use a larger beam diameter than a physical contact interface. The oversized light beam used in a lensed connection provides increased […]

Telehealth, Remote Care and Hospital-at-Home Increase Demand for IoT Devices

Healthcare delivery worldwide has been transformed with digital connectivity advances as new implementations such as telehealth, remote care and hospital-at-home models gain substantial traction. These care delivery models provide specialized medical care from the comfort of patients’ homes, effectively simulating the hospital or clinic environment. With many healthcare systems strained to their limits, telehealth, remote […]

Innovative Skin Cancer Scan Design and Engineering

Skin Cancer Screening Device_Marpe Case Study

Groundbreaking, AI-based Skin Cancer Screening Our client, Marpé Technologies is renowned for their groundbreaking solutions in medical scanning. Since its establishment, Marpé has been dedicated to developing an AI-based full-body dermatology screening system. Granted the FDA breakthrough device designation, this innovative total body photography (TBP) system, is designed to meticulously map and screen moles, enabling early detection of […]

Enabling Data Management Through Smart Cables

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations of all types find themselves immersed in an unprecedented amount of data generation and collection. The possibilities for leveraging data are virtually limitless, making data management and utilization the next frontier in value creation, efficiencies, and innovation. Yet navigating the challenges of data management remains a daunting effort. […]